In light of recent economic trends, the need for export-led growth has become quite pertinent in India.

India’s average score on the EPI (Export Preparedness Index) is 39 out of 100, which shows that India has tremendous potential towards transforming into an export-based super economy. High growth can only be bolstered with an export-oriented policy focus, even for a huge country like India which holds an expansive domestic market.
The Government of India is taking huge steps towards promoting an enabling business ecosystem, through liberalisation of Foreign Direct Investment, providing government subsidies and other such reforms since 2014.
In a post-Covid global economy, the need for export expansion is more relevant than ever. Today, the Chinese market is being replaced by the Indian market all over the world.
Since the past few years, Fabiano Appliances Pvt. Ltd. has been supplying its range of products including gas stoves, chimneys etc to major companies in countries such as Sri Lanka, UAE, Nepal, Oman, Sudan etc. In the coming years, we intend to expand our business in more countries, including USA and countries of the European continent.
The future of export for our company and our country looks quite bright, and Fabiano Appliances hopes to reach new and even more amazing heights in the coming years.



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