Feng Shui” the Kitchen


“Feng Shui” the Kitchen!
Feng shui is an ancient art that is believed to be able to harmonize energy in order to bring good health and fortune. ‘Feng’ and ‘shui’ mean: ‘wind’ and ‘water’, respectively. This concept is derived from an ancient poem that talks about connecting and living in flow with the environment around us.
The kitchen plays a central role in the well-being and health of all the members of the household. Here are a few ways to incorporate ‘feng shui’ in your kitchen!
1. Maintain Cleanliness
Ensure that the kitchen is regularly cleaned and well-stocked. The kitchen is a symbol of love and nourishment, therefore it is quite important to keep it organized and hygienic.
This can be a difficult task, but with consistent effort and hardwork, nothing is impossible! You can also look up cleaning hacks to make things easier.
2. Energised Colour Palettes
Soft-toned colour palettes can be a great way to give your kitchen a positive, fresh and happy vibe.
We would recommend the use of pastel, white and grey hues. This would make your kitchen emanate an aura of calmness that would make working in your kitchen all the more dream-like and therapeutic.
3. Glass Cabinets
These would make your kitchen space feel more open and sanguine. A feeling of clarity would ensue through the kitchen.
Glass cabinets would also help towards keeping the kitchen more organized.
4. Efficient Storage
Having a clutter-free environment is crucial for feeling peaceful and happy while working.
Organize your kitchen supplies and appliances systematically, so that cooking can be an efficient yet salubrious activity. A neat and clean environment would fill your kitchen with a positive aura.

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