There can be many reasons to buy fabiano kitchen chimneys some of these are most of fabiano chimneys are made in India as per Indian Cooking requirements, the parts for after sales service are available, its fitted with Italian motors with Thermal Overload protectors, has a wide range to choose from, is backed by a very good after sales service, has a wide network of dealers/distributors and service centers, has been sold in India for over 20 years now and many more reasons.

Chimney has a simple job of extracting the smoke coming out of the pan on the Cooking appliance and throw the same out of the kitchen to keep the kitchen smell, odor, smoke and grime free.

Normally it should be 750 – 900mm can warry from model to model so check the instruction manual of the specific model being bought.

A customer can contact our helpline or write a mail to get the chimney installed and the request will be assigned to a service center in your area who will send a service person to install the chimney.

Various models of fabiano Chimneys, use 3 types of lights LED Lamps, LED Candle Lamps and Incandescent Candle Lamps to provide ample illumination over the cooktop for better access while cooking.

The grease filters should be cleaned as often as possible but at least once every 15 days. In case the chimney is installed in recirculation mode and you are using Carbon filters, these need to be changed every three months, the period can be longer also in case the usage is very less.

The different models have different energy consumption, based on suction, lamps used. Check the model specifications section for more details.

The carbon filters should be replaced every 3 months. The period will depend on the number of hours used and the type of cooking. In case heavy oily cooking it will be earlier and in case of light cooking can be later.

No, the carbon filters are not washable. Once all of the pores in the charcoal completely absorb oil & grime particles, you must replace them..

Yes, when the chimney is used on recirculation mode, there is approx. 30 % to 35 % reduction in suction capacity.

When the unit is not working, tap on the auto clean button to run the auto cleaning program. Wait for at least 16 minutes or as the time on display says, the heating coil on the motor housing will heat and melt the oil. The melted oil will be collected in oil collector. Then, remove the oil collector and wipe it clean, once dried, attach it back to the unit.

These are 2 different technologies. Easy Clean Chimneys were developed in Europe and in these all the smoke is thrown out of the kitchen and some of the grease and oil in the same is filtered in SS Baffle Filters. These filters need to be cleaned every 10-15 days to keep the chimney clean. The Auto Clean Chimney has been developed in China as their cooking uses more oil and thus the Baffle filters need cleaning more often so in this technology the smoke is not filtered so some of the grease and oil either gets stuck to the grid, or the motor housing and the rest is thrown out with the smoke. The oil and grease stuck to the grid needs to be cleaned with a soft cloth every 2-3 days and the oil and grease from the housing which is sticking needs to be cleaned by using the Auto Clean Technology, wherein at the touch of the control the heating coil on the metal motor housing will heat the housing so that the residual oil particles melts and trickle down to the oil collector. Which can then be taken out and cleaned. This process takes 12-16 minutes based on the model of the chimney. Now which technology to buy, it depends on the type of cooking you do, in case you use a lot of oil it’s better to go for Auto Clean but in case you use less oily cooking it’s better to go for the European technology of Easy Clean Chimneys.

A Ductless Chimney is where no ducting is required to take the smoke out of kitchen. In this chimney a set of carbon filters are installed after the Grease filters to absorb the odour and smell from the smoke and re-circulate the air back into the kitchen. These Easy Clean Chimneys are especially useful where there is no provision for exit vent in the kitchen.

. Advantage is that no ducting required so it’s easy to install and can be installed anywhere. Dis-advantage is that the suction drops by 30-35% due to adding carbon filters and also you need to change the carbon filters every 3-4 months based on the usage so there is a recurring cost involved.

CH 6001, CH 6003, CH 6054, CH 6055, CH 6057, CH 6075, CH 6079, CH 6077, CH 6071, CH 6062.


There can be many compelling reasons to choose fabiano cooktops for your kitchen few are listed here: fabiano presents the largest range of premium gas stoves, there is an option to choose from 3 types of Burners Alloy, Forged Brass and normal Brass Burners, you can select different configuration like 2/3/4 burners, Glass top, Stainless Steel top, Powder coated frame or SS frame, ISI approved models, with multi spark auto ignition models. Backed by strong after sales service, manufactured in state of the art modern factory with total safety.

Brass Burners:The ISI marked Gas Stoves are fitted with Brass Burners. The brass burners can take higher temperatures and has been used traditionally in the Gas Stoves. There are some models available with Forged Brass burners which are 5 times stronger and carry a 5 year warranty.

Alloy Burners:Pressure die-cast, ultra-light burners increase the longevity of the cooktop. The holes in the burner rim are designed at a special angle for higher thermal efficiency. Moreover, the burners come with a five-year warranty.

First of all check that the burners are placed properly, then look for any food particles or spillage stuck in the burner. If found, clean it properly without causing any damage. If uneven flames still experienced, contact fabiano  customer support for the convenient resolution.

In continuous use of the product, the knobs of fabiano Cooktop might tend hard to turn. In such situations, please contact fabiano customer support for the lubrication or replacement of the knobs.

All Fabiano cooktops support LPG connection, as per your requirement, they can be converted into PNG connection on chargeable basis.

At fabiano we use 3 types of burners on our cooktops.
Normal Brass Burners these are gravity die-casted and last long.
Aluminium Alloy Burners these are pressure die-cast therefore are stronger than the Normal Brass burners and are light in weight come with a 5 year warranty.
Forged Brass Burners these are Forged which make these 5 times stronger than normal brass burners, these also come with 5 years warranty.
Conclusion: All the three types of burners are good but based on the above Alloy Burners are better than normal brass burners and Forged Brass burners are better than Alloy.

For lower gas consumption and better productivity, use those utensils which have a diameter suitable for the burners, avoiding the flame coming out of the pan base as that will result in the wastage of gas. Try using flat bottom pans.

  • To avail the 5 years warranty please register online within 90 days from the date of purchase. The offer is no more valid if not registered within 90 days.
  • The 5 year warranty covers three major components and these are Gas Valve, Glass & Forged Brass Burner.
  • The product has been used as per the instruction mentioned in the instruction manual.
  • The product has been used for domestic purpose only, in case used for commercial purpose the warranty is not valid.
  • The product has not been put to misuse and serviced at regular intervals at least once in a year by the authorised service centre.
  • The warranty is valid on the Forged Brass Burner only and not on the mixing tube.
  • In case of Toughened Glass the maximum number of free replacements will be limited to 2 times within the 5 years period.
  • In case the glass breaks while using Pathri Tawa or Gas Tandoor for making Tandoori Roti/Bati etc. then the warranty is not valid.
  • In case of any requirement of change of above parts only the parts will be replaced free of charge the labour cost and service/visit charges will have to be paid by the customer.
  • Customer will have to produce this warranty card and the cash memo to avail the warranty.
  • In case of any problem customer can get in touch with us at Helpline : +91-9136446820, Email :   and we will be willing to help.

In any gas stove to handle the drippings or spillage while cooking a drip tray is provided where the small quantity of spillage gets collected and can be cleaned later. In some gas stoves it comes removable and in most others fixed. It is also called Spill Tray.

provides Drip/Spill Trays in all gas stoves. However, some models come with removable Drip Trays, in these the drip trays can be taken out and washed easily. The models are as given below:

  1. 1. LPG Stove 1033 SS HF DT AL
  2. 2. LPG Stove 1021 SS
  3. LPG Stove 1046 SS DT

Also in some Glass Top models fabiano provides Double Drip Trays where one drip tray is fixed with screws and the 2nd one is removeable so that you can take out and clean the same

fabiano provides drip/spill trays in all gas stoves. However, some models come with additional removable drip tray that can be taken out and washed easily. The double drip trays allows easy cleaning of liquid spillage like milk or water that normally doesn’t get cleaned and require thorough washing of the tray.

Normal drip trays are fixed with screws over on every fabiano cooktop but the models with double drip trays have 2 Drip trays one is fixed and the other is removable tray.The models having double drip tray are given below:

  1. LPG Stove 1033 GT XL Forged BB Drip Tray
  2. LPG Stove 1033 GTXLAI Forged BB DripTray
  3. LPG Stove 1033 GT XL FB DD Black
  4. LPG Stove 1033 GT XL FB DD Black AI
  5. LPG Stove 1038 GT Forged Brass Br DD
  6. LPG Stove 1038 GT AI Forged Brass Br DD
  7. LPG Stove 1038 GT FB DD Black
  8. LPG Stove 1038 GT FB DD Black AI

We use C size Battery in all Glass Cook tops (except Retro models). A C battery measures 50 millimetres (1.97 inches) length and 26.2 millimetres (1.03 inches) diameter.

In case of Toughened Glass breakage, the maximum number of free replacements will be limited to 2 times within the 2 years period.

We use special Aluminium Alloy for the burners and these are made with Pressure Die cast operation which makes them much stronger and longer lasting. Therefore fabiano gives a 5 year warranty on the same.

LPG stoves are covered under ISI standard IS:4246-2002.

The frame of Fabiano black gas stoves is made of zinc passivated mild steel to give it corrosion resistance.


The UV Sterilization option on the Glen 6033 Air Purifier is for disinfecting the bacteria and microbes from the given area at the point of time. To use it, you must select the sterilization option on the remote. It is recommended to use it for 2-3 hours only in a day. .

The ionizer in air purifier generates negative ions. Those negative ions attracts positively charged pollutants in the air (dust/pollen/dander etc.) and make the particles heavier and fall down on the floor.

It takes approx. 15 minutes to boil 8 eggs in 3036 Egg boiler.

Yes, this blender has food grade silicon seal in the bottle. It lasts longer, has a better sealing effect and is food grade so doesn’t react with the food.

BPA stands for bisphenol A. It is a harmful chemical that is often used to make certain plastics. Yes, the bottle of 4047 N is BPA Free and safe for use.

Normal OTG’s cum with Bi-metallic thermostat for temperature control, Glen SA 5060 OTG is equipped with a capillary thermostat because of large size of 60 Litre the accuracy of temperature with Bi-metallic thermostat is lower. A capillary Thermostat has a sensor which placed in the centre of the oven therefore the temperature control is better which helps in giving good results in baking.

Pulse or incher function in mixer grinder is given mainly for intermittent mixing or grinding of ingredients. When you press the pulse button the appliance will work at its fastest speed , but it will stop when you release the button.

To protect the motor from burning, in case of overload, the appliance is fitted with an automatic overload protector under the base of the basic unit. If the motor stops it is an indication of excess load. Switch off the unit, take out excess material from the jar. Wait for 2/3 minutes and press the overload protection plunger. Then restart the unit.

Note: Overload protection plunger is to be pressed to restart only after 2/3 minutes

  • Locked Power is a measure to check the actual torque of the motor so higher the locked power the better is the strength of the motor to perform toughest of tasks with ease.

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