Pressure Cooker Recipe

Pressure Cooker Recipe

Baking a cake can be pretty much of a hassle for beginners, and it can also be quite a time consuming activity.

That is why cooker cakes are a great option, to easily and quickly make delicious cakes at home.

Here’s the recipe for a vanilla sponge cake. Serves: 3-4 people STEPS

  1. Take a 5 inch round pan and grease it with butter. A 6*6 inch square pan can also be used. Preparing the flour mixture
  1. Add 1 cup of sieved all-purpose flour and half teaspoon baking powder to a mixing bowl.
  2. If butter used in the previous step is unsalted, add a light pinch of salt to the mix.
  3. Sprinkle one or half tablespoon of vanilla essence all around the flour. This can alternatively be added after mixing.
  4. Mix the batter, so that no lumps are left.
  1. Remove the gasket (rubber ring) and vent weight (whistle), of a 5 to 6 litre pressure cooker.
  2. Place the cooker on a stove, at a low flame or sim.
  3. Also, add 1 cup of sea salt to the cooker, and spread it evenly in the cooker. Preparing the batter
  4. Take one-fourth cup of salted butter (40g).
  5. Add half cup of condensed milk.
  6. Then, add 3 tablespoons of sugar.
  7. Now, add one-third cup of water.
  8. Heat this mixture on a low flame.
  9. Mix the mixture, preferably with a spatula. Ensure that the butter melts.
  10. On a low flame, let the mixture boil.
  11. To the flour mixture, immediately add this mixture when it boils.
  12. Use a wired whisk, to mix with light pressure. Be sure to not over mix. The batter should turn out to be of medium consistency, not too thick or thin.
  13. You may need to add less or more water, depending on the quality of the flour used. Add one-fourth cup of hot water if the batter becomes too thick.
  14. Make the batter smooth. But don’t overdo the mixing; having some small lumps is okay.
  15. Pour the batter into the pan. Tap the sides of the pan, or gently shake it. Placing the batter in the pressure cooker
  16. Place a heatproof rack or stand in the pressure cooker.
  17. Place the cake pan in the cooker.
  18. Tightly secure the cooker lid.
  19. Cook the sponge cake on a low flame, until the cake turns golden. This could take 35 to 50 minutes. The cake should be checked from time to time, by removing the lid.
  20. To check whether the cake is ready, insert a toothpick through the centre of the cake. If it comes out clean or only with minimal crumbs, with no sticky batter, the cake is ready! Also ensure that the top is golden.
  21. Allow the cake to become warm or cool down at room temperature. Now, gently remove it from the mould.
  22. Your sponge cake is ready to serve!


  1. The flame should be kept low.
  2. Using a good quality, thick bottomed, heavy 5-6 litre aluminium cooker, is highly advised. We would suggest getting a Fabiano Pressure Cooker, which would be perfect for this recipe
  3. Before closing the cooker lid, remove the weight (whistle) and the gasket (rubber ring).
  4. This cooker should only be kept for baking. Don’t use this cooker for anything else, as the metal weakens.
  5. Check that the baking pan fits into the pressure cooker, before starting.
  6. Sea salt or sand should be put as a layer between the pan and the cooker
  7. The pan which would be kept inside the cooker should be able to withstand dry heat. Steel pans, should be avoided, as the cake bottom might get burnt.